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Poetweet – Turning Your Tweets Into Poems

Don't Rhyme. Ever. 


How many of you sit back and wish that your tweets were as thoughtful and provoking as you intended them to be? You sit back and ponder over these 140 characters, trying to instil the very essence of your lifestyle into each tweet hoping to show the world the real (or what you wish was) you.

If you find yourself wanting to be the creative bee that you desire but can’t quite nail your tweets down, try this out.

There’s a new website called Poetweet which can turn your tweets into poetry for you.
It’s really quite easy to do. You just fill in your twitter information. Choose between an Sonnet, Rondel or Indriso and let it form your very own poem using only what you've tweeted yourself.

Take a look at what Poetweet made for choice of sonnet.

T-Rex Bones
by Tom At SMF

Future Of Texting #beammessenger
For Newbies – 4 Steps to Success...
Social media marketing manager :)
Tips for Your Twitter Business...

An Overnight Internet Sensation
Awareness Through Tinder #tinder
In 2014: Passion Or Obsession?
Mistakenly Swiping Left On Tinder

Kickin' butts and takin' names!
Leaks Photo Messaging Service
Via hashtags and usernames...

Stay Social in 2015 #socialmedia
Employees | Social Media Frontiers
Social Media Presence #socialmedia

Well, yeah. That just about fits the brief of a sonnet, well done Poetweet.

Poetry is a vastly wide and creative world and I feel like what Poetweet are promoting is quite beautiful. Sure, this poem was made by a computer algorithm, but at the end of the process the website recommends you turn your hand to trying to create your own poetry.

Poetry can be nearly anything. I wrote a poem a few years back which consisted of a long list of rude or sexual words that end with ‘ing’. It gets tricky after a while, trust me. I did manage to discover the term ‘Lacrimating’ that way though. Look it up at your own risk. 

I hope that people are inspired by this rather odd form of poetry.

Though I do really dislike how they try to make everything rhyme. After my years as a creative writing student we all had it drilled into our brains that rhyming poetry wasn't very good.

(Shoutout to the ever loved Tim.)

Tom Welby

Tom has a degree in Creative and Professional Writing and now he currently manages, edits and writes for this blog. His other interests include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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