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Paying For Verified Twitter Accounts

You Get A Verification, You Get A Verification, Everyone Gets A Verification!


So do you have a verified Twitter account? I don’t even think that I do. I need to get working on that, I want to have that little blue tick next to my name.
I’ll basically be as important as Obama by that point with my social media articles reigning in the start of a new world. Or not, but hey, a man can dream.

Allowing me the first step in my article based world domination, Twitter are considering allowing users to pay a price to have their accounts be verified.

In case you’re not sure, a verified account is something that’s normally saved for high profile people and brands. It’s normally just a measure to prevent against joke or troll accounts being set up in the account holders name. For example, if you search for Robert Downey Jr. on Twitter, by looking for the blue verified arrow you can see that the account is the main and official page for Iron Man himself. This helps us work out who’s who and stops us from following one of hundreds of different accounts for Obama.


Apparently though this liberty could soon be available to everyone for just a small price. According to tech investor Jason Calacanis, who appeared on CNBC's Halftime Report and then claimed that Twitter was planning to introduce the feature for as little as $1 a year. 
Damn that’s cheap. That works out to about 0.3 Cents a day, all just for a little tick. Don't hold me to that though, my mathematical skills are appalling. 

I imagine that if Twitter do decide to roll out this feature, they’ll be asking for a little bit more than that. I wouldn't be surprised if they request a monthly fee of up to $5.

The option to allow anyone to pay for their own verified accounts is completely redundant however.
If everyone has a verified account then they become worthless anyway. What would be the point in even verifying accounts if it doesn't mean anything.

Sure, it may net Twitter some extra money – But if they really only want $1 a year is it even worth it?
I can’t help but feel the rumour of this feature is just a rumour and if it is implemented they’ll probably introduce a new verification feature for high profile accounts.

Not been a great few weeks for Twitter so far. They've declined to comment on his matter, so we’ll just wait and see what they have in store.

Tom Welby

Tom has a degree in Creative and Professional Writing and now he currently manages, edits and writes for this blog. His other interests include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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