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Outrage Over Qatar World Cup

Cold Reception for Winter World Cup

Following the recent announcement that the 2022 World Cup in Qatar will see the date moved to November – December, the internet has lit up with users criticising the decision. The hashtag #Qatar2022 was trending on Twitter on Tuesday following the announcement. Aversion to the decision is particularly prevalent here in the UK as it will disrupt premier league fixtures and conflict with Christmas events.


The decision was made due to conflicts with existing events such as the Winter Olympics in January / February and Ramadan in April. Holding the Cup between May and September is out of the question as temperatures are expected to reach in excess of 40 degrees, sparking concerns over the health of players and fans. This left organisers in Qatar will little choice but to suggest a late November to December date.

This all means that the final could be set for as late as 23rd December, although with that date falling on a Friday in 2022, Sunday 18th seems the more likely option. Jim Boyce, Vice-President of fifa, has expressed concerns over the final:

"That's the only reservation I would have and I would like it a week earlier, but I want to wait until the Fifa executive committee meeting to hear all the details about the dates."

Richard Scudamore, chief executive of the English Premier League, backed up Boyce’s remarks, asserting that efforts must be made to “keep the Christmas and New year programme intact.”

Professional football leagues in an estimated 50 countries will see wide spread disruption as a result of the cup, causing mangers such as Stoke City’s Peter Coates to publicly slate the decision, referring to it as a “disaster”.

"The only saving grace is that we don't have to think about it for a long time. It couldn't be more disruptive."

The 2023 Africa Cup of Nations will almost certainly have to be set back to avoid further conflicts for the players involved in both. The length of the World Cup will also be reduced by a few days to fit into the proposed schedule.

Since the announcement, the hashtag #Qatar2022 has been used by many to draw attention to the startling statistics detailing the deaths of hundreds of migrant workers, and to call for a boycott of the 2022 Cup in protest.

Looking at the various factors, it does seem a strange decision for fifa to go to such lengths to hold the World Cup in a country with little football culture historically, and which has been criticised over recent years for attitudes on issues such as homosexuality and racism. These are major issues which governing bodies have been making efforts to expel from the footballing world for years now, and this particular choice of venue may be detrimental to that cause.

Sam Bonson
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