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Free App Checks Your Friends List For Sex Offenders

Friend Verifier

There’s a free Facebook app called ‘Friend Verifier’ which will scan through all of your friends on Facebook and lets you know if any of them are registered sex offenders.


The app searches through the sex offenders registry based on name, location and date of birth. Once it’s completed a full scan of your Facebook it will let you know the results and if you are friends with any registered sex offenders.

There are three different kinds of matches, a yellow match means that just the name matches the registry. An orange match means that both the name and location match. Lastly, a red means that name, location and date of birth all match. Which might mean that you’ll be wanting to defriend all your red matches. But that’s for you to decide.

Friend Verifier could prove very useful for keeping people protected online. It would be nice to know if a person who won’t stop messaging you is a registered offender giving you more than enough drive to just delete them off the bat. Furthermore, it could also be utilised by parents in order to make sure that their children are staying safe on social media. Raising children in the digital age is going to be a nightmare, I think I could use some help come the time.

Founder and CEO Joe Penora created the app in 2012 after hearing stories about a woman getting attacked.
‘Four years ago I saw a woman had been sexually assaulted by a man she met on Match.com, So I thought this crazy idea I had years ago, maybe there's something to it.’

Though it was created 3 years ago, it’s only just now started to gain real traction and popularity.

‘I would say 99 percent of the responses have been fantastic, People most of the time say, when they first hear about Friend Verifier, they think wow this is weird, why haven't I heard this before?’Penora said.

Friend Verifier has led to 12 million people being scanned to date and Penora is keen to branch out to the other social networks. He’s mentioned working on an app for Instagram, Twitter and LinkedIn.

Friend Verifier is a great way to keep your friends list offender free. Now if they could just make one that would show me which of my friends are voting UKIP and they’ll get a download from me.  

If you're interested in trying the app out, find out more here.

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