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Firms Start Offering ‘Social Media Liability Insurance'

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Social media has without a doubt revolutionised the way we communicate. We live in an age of unprecedented connectivity that allows people from all walks of life to instantly share trivial messages around the globe at the click of a button. On the whole, I have to argue that this is a good thing. The sharing of thoughts and ideas is crucial to advancement in any form. Unfortunately, when those ideas have not been thought through or are shared in the heat of the moment they can have massive negative effects.


With this in mind, many insurance companies have started offering ‘Social Media Liability Insurance’, intended to cover you against lawsuits stemming from your social media posts. The policies will cover you against slander, libel and defamatory comments, but only those considered to have been made in error. The policy will be null and void if the intention was to cause serious harm or offence.

Christopher Cook, owner of Alliance Insurance Services, made an official statement regarding the new policies.

“If you’re trying to intentionally or maliciously hurt someone, that liability insurance is null and void. It’s kind of like committing a crime. We’re not going to pay for things that you knew were going to happen.”

In addition to taking out a personal policy, Cook also encourages parents to consider purchasing cover for their children, as they may be blissfully unaware of the consequences their posts can generate.

“I especially encourage parents with young folks who may or may not understand that what they put out there in the world is there forever. There are several lawsuits that have been filed and won based on slander or libel claims from whether it be from YouTube, Twitter, or Facebook.”

The newly available policies will typically set you back a tiny fee of $20 per year. Customers are advised to contact their insurance agent for more information if they feel they could benefit from a little protection online.

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