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Facebook Introduce New Ways To Buy And Sell

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Oh Facebook, I can’t help but wonder what new ventures you’ll have ready for us next month. It’s been an interesting year for you so far though. I’m sure you’ll keep us surprised.

Facebook have started to roll out a feature that will allow users to buy and sell through Facebook much akin to how it works on websites such as eBay and Craigslist.

Can you actually buy things on Craigslist? So far all I’ve seen from Craigslist is a long line of weird requests or people offering the strangest oddities and generally speaking gibberish. I don’t think I trust it too much. 

Either way, Facebook is moving on from their normal way of handling all this stuff via groups and allowing users to access a more organised way to go through transactions via Facebook.


Facebook users can now click on a ‘Sell’ option rather than a ‘Post’ option when uploading content to their feed and groups. It looks quite swish, I’d love to take it out for a test run but unfortunately it’s only available to certain groups at the moment. Individual slots can also be filled out to specify price and product descriptions, instead of the typical single body of text you're used to when writing a Facebook post. Sellers can also mark the listing as either ‘available’ or ‘sold’ after it has been posted.

At the moment, the feature is present on this Rio based instrument group which is a group for people to buy and sell instruments. But you’ll have to join the group to take a proper look. It will be rolling out in force in the coming weeks and Facebook have promised that it’ll be available on the online client as well as iOS and Android platforms.

If you run a group where you buy or sell things, you can tell Facebook that you’re interested in getting a hold of this service here. Good luck!

Now I just need to find a group selling that new Limited Edition 3DS coming out this week and I'm all sorted

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