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Facebook Introduce ‘DeepFace’ – An Automatic Tagging Feature

Facebook Goes Deeper

Facebook is already capable of finding all the faces in a given picture and suggesting who they might be, depending on who’s already been tagged in a given album, but now they’re taking it even further. ‘DeepFace’ might sound like some kind of bizarre sex act, but it’s actually a sophisticated new feature that will allow the site to scan and recognise faces in photographs, allowing Facebook to tag your pictures for you.


The software creates a 3D model of a face from a photograph, which can then be rotated in order to find a match with another picture. Allegedly the feature operates with 97.25% accuracy. It’s already been sneakily distributed amongst select users, as is the way with most embryonic Facebook features.

Once implemented fully, it will mean that if you appear in any picture anywhere on Facebook, regardless of whether or not you know the person who uploaded it, you’ll be tagged. “The social network plans to use the system to identify its users in new photos as they are uploaded. If your visage appears in one of the 400 million pictures added to the network each day you'll receive an email from Facebook alerting you” says security blogger Lee Munson.

As impressive as the concept is, it’s also a little terrifying. You don’t necessarily know when you’re being photographed or when said photograph is going to end up online, and if you can’t keep tabs on it then you might end up getting very publically embarrassed, like say if you feigned illness to go to a gig or got very drunk and accidentally forgot that you’re in a committed relationship. It could even lead to negative ramifications for people who aren't complete toolboxes.

The possibilities something like this presents outside of Facebook are also quite interesting, having a huge, comprehensive database of everyone’s faces and a means to quickly and accurately sift throughout could be a massive boon to police departments looking for a missing or wanted individual. For now though, might be an idea to change your profile settings a bit, you know, just in case.

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