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Burberry's New Use For Twitter

Burberry In 2015

Burberry is taking to social media in an effort to become a more accessible brand for 2015.
It is safe to say that Burberry is really paving the way for the fashion industry with its social media marketing campaigns.

Their most recent endeavor sees a tweet-activated camera on the catwalk of London Fashion Week. All users have to do is use either the hashtag: #Tweetcam or the @Burberry Twitter handle and they will receive a Tweet back from Burberry including a photo. This photo will be of the catwalk taken at the time the camera was activated by the user’s initial Tweet and the picture will include the user’s Twitter handle.


This is one of many ways that Burberry has increased its social media presence over the last few years. In comparison to other designers, Burberry is on a complete other level with their use of Twitter. In 2011, they gave their followers sneak peeks on Twitter before their shows. They used Twitter to stream their catwalk live in 2012 and were the first luxury brand to make use of Twitter’s ‘Buy Now’ function.

Burberry has also partnered with Channel 4 to create personalised adverts which include a bottle that is monogrammed to have the viewer’s name engraved on it. All you have to do is be a registered viewer who is logged into your 4oD account.

They have also introduced several interactive billboards across London and New York, which allow Smartphone users to have their monogrammed bottle created and put up live on the billboard screen for bystanders to see.

Whilst at first the 4oD ad seemed a bit disconcerting and the photos with your Twitter Handle seem borderline pointless, at least Burberry are putting themselves out there. They have put personalisation and accessibility at the heart of their recent campaigns which is modernizing them and opening their brand up to be far more interesting and fun than others of a similar kind.

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