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Adidas and Benzema Utilise Twitter’s Group DM

Where Are The Haters?

Adidas are the first company to make use of Twitter’s Group direct messaging feature by allowing people to message football stars including Real Madrid’s Karim Benzema.


Two weeks ago Twitter rolled out its group direct messaging feature. This allowed users to message a large number of people instantly, rather than having to create a new message for each individual person. Sounds just like a group message on Facebook, right? Well you’re not wrong. But let’s not hold this against Twitter, at least they’re finally on the right track now.

Moving on, Adidas have decided to utilise Twitter for their #ThereWillBeHaters campaign. The campaign takes advantage of the popular hatred circlejerk that some footballers receive. Because we just love to hate them. It features BiteyMcBiteson (Suarez), Gareth Bale, Benzema and James Rodriguez. I didn’t know that we were supposed to hate Bale, Benzema and James. Did I miss something? As a Liverpool fan, I’ll always love Suarez. He may have been a bitey b*****d, but he was our bitey b*****d.

Adidas then chose the three twitter users who were most actively involved in the campaign and then invited those users to a 30 minute conversation with Benzema in a Twitter DM group chat. The fans seemed quite flabbergasted. Take a look below:

The group DM feature allows up to 20 people to be apart of the same conversation at once and while other services like WhatsApp are offered Adidas have chosen to utilise Twitter. According to Robert Hughes, global social media and PR director for Adidas, they see Twitter's Group DMs as a way to "build and deepen" relationships with customers.

I think I’d quite like Hughes to take the helm of some of my PR work. This is a quick to act campaign,  utilising new features when they’re fresh and exciting.
Not bad Adidas, not bad.

Though I do fear how the group chat with Suarez will go. He can be a touch sensitive at times. Don’t worry, Luis, we still love you. Just come home. 

Tom Welby

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