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US Central Command Twitter Hacked

Password Change Time

The Twitter and YouTube accounts of the US Central Command Military (CentCom) pages have been hacked by ISIS sympathisers today.


The first question you may be asking is how. I think the more important question is why on earth the Central Command of the US military requires social media accounts. Isn't Obama and the White House enough?

The accounts were subsequently suspended but have now been put back up online with the Pro ISIS propaganda and material rightfully removed.

The hack is already being labelled as nothing more than cyber vandalism with some sources reporting that the hack was actually carried about for the sake of a prank and its origins aren't to do with ISIS. I really think hackers need their sense of humours adjusting.

There were a range of messages on CentCom’s Twitter. One read: ‘American soldiers, we are coming, watch your back.’
Another read: ‘In the name of Allah, the most gracious, the most merciful, the CyberCaliphate continues its CyberJihad.’

Unfortunately for the US, the hack was carried out while Obama was delivering a speech about the importance of cyber security. Oh dear. He mentioned during the speech the ‘enormous vulnerabilities for us as a nation and for our economy.’

Now, before we all get a bit worked up and assume that ISIS have hacked their way into the US government make sure you take note that it was just CentCom’s Twitter and YouTube accounts that were breached. There is an enormous difference between hacking the US military and a twitter account. It’s no more complicated than someone hacking any other social media account. So it looks like it’s about time for CentCom to change their password. ‘MisslesAreCool01’ sounds good to me!

The hackers claimed that they would release a fair amount of sensitive information concerning the US and the military and information they did release. However, highlighting the amateur nature of the hack, the information that was released is already readily available to any member of the public.
A variety of maps and diagrams were also posted by the hackers. All of which can easily be accessed. Furthermore, the majority of them hold no new or private information. Unless the population of some areas of North Korea is of huge military importance. Take a look at some of the ‘leaked’ documents. They may look serious, but that’s all it is, just a look


So, this hack is nothing more than an irritating one rather than a security breach. But nonetheless, it doesn't do well for the US’ PR. Even if it is just a social media account, any breach will inevitably be viewed as a serious issue.

Professor Alan Woodward, from the University of Surrey, said he did not consider the attack to be a major breach of security.
‘I wouldn't say it's trivial, but it's just a slip. Twitter accounts are usually looked after by an individual in an organisation - it's very easy to give away that password. In terms of if this is a hack into something secret, or sensitive - no, it's not. An individual has made a slight mistake.’

This hack has proven to be nothing more than a bit of an embarrassment for the US. But in the wake of the Sony hacking scandal that we've been hearing all about recently, it’s time for social media to be treated with the same level of security that they should be planning for Sony right now.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go change my password.

You know, just in case. 

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