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Tweet Translator Tool Returns

Can Bing Translate Yet? 

So I’m sure that you’ve got a few foreign friends on Facebook right? Which would mean that you’ve no doubtedly noticed the ‘Translate’ button for any tweets that are in a language other than you’re set Facebook one.
Of course you have, it always translates things incorrectly.

I’ve got plenty of friends on Facebook who speak different languages, so I have regular chances to give the ‘Translate’ button a little whirl. More often than not, it always leaves me with a rather broken translation.  

Take this for example, my friend just put an update saying:
ちょうど300の論文をマーク’ Which means ‘I’ve just marked 300 papers!
Facebook translated that to ‘Just mark the 300 papers!’
But he’s already done that, Facebook!

However, still standing true to Bing’s translating services, Twitter is reintroducing it’s option to translate tweets that have been made in foreign languages. It’s only coming back on Tweetdeck at the moment though. And currently there’s no word on when it will be back on the whole of Twitter.

A Twitter spokesperson confirmed its reintroduction: ‘We've launched Bing translation on Tweetdeck to all users, when a user sees a Tweet that isn't in their native language they'll have the option to click the 'translate Tweet' link.’

Tweetdeck is most commonly used by journalists (and some bloggers, hello!) as it compiles all tweets into a constant stream, which helps us break down situations involving breaking news.

This update is quite timely considering all the tweets currently emerging about the Charlie Hebdo situation are in French. When I was writing about the events, translating all the tweets myself was very challenging, so this update is welcomed with open arms.

However, like all online translators and as previously mentioned, the bing translate tool isn’t always 100% reliable. So if you’re going to be translating stuff yourself make sure you double-check everything thoroughly.

The translate option was first only available during the world cup last year, most likely in aid of helping everyone make sense of all the tweets comprised of nearly 16 different languages. Which also explains why it vanished once the tournament was completed.


But now it’s making its return.

Let’s see if bing can learn to translate things a bit better.

Dos cervezas por favor.

Tom has just graduated from University of East London in Creative and Professional Writing. He loves writing and is currently interning as a content writer hoping to go further. His other loves include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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