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The My First Profile Picture Trend

One Trend After Another


So you've probably seen it by now, right? The new thing trending on Facebook: ‘My First Profile Picture’. People post a picture of their very first profile picture, they then go on to nominate a few of their friends to do the same and the endless chain of pretty grainy pictures dominate our news feeds.

I wasn't really planning to write about this, but when I saw that I’d be nominated for it this morning I thought that it was only fair that I give it just a bit of exposure.

My dear friend Jason (**** you, Jason) nominated me for this and I’m yet to go through with showing off my first profile picture. It’s not a bad picture mind, just a picture of me and a few old school friends out for a drink when we were 18. That was 7 years ago now; no wonder I feel so old looking at it now. Maybe that’s why I’m such a grumpy old sod concerning some of these things.

For the record, I’m not anti this Facebook trend. I’m not particularity against any trend that is just there for a bit of fun. If it’s not causing anyone any harm than I say carry on having some fun.

Unlike the ALS Ice Bucket challenge last year, so far this trend is just a way of having a laugh and embarrassing yourself and others by showing off just how weird you used to look back in school as there’s currently no donation or charity incentive. I remember having huge spiked hair that wouldn't have been amiss in an over the top anime or video game, luckily that doesn't feature in my first picture. #NoRegrets.


Though there’s currently no charitable goal behind the My First Profile Picture trend, Mental Health Ireland have successfully put a spin on the trend to organise donations.  

So let’s give it a bit of time and see which way this trend goes. It’s still in its early days having only surfaced earlier in the week. If something such as the ALS Ice Bucket challenge happens again, it could be an amazing opportunity for charities to push for donations.

Looks like I’ll need to be posting my first profile picture soon.

Though I’m still bitter about not getting nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge or the Neknomination.

I had some great things planned for those and you’ll never see what they were. Maybe I’ll reinvent them again, just wait and see.

Tom has just graduated from University of East London in Creative and Professional Writing. He loves writing and he currently manages, edits and writes for this blog. His other loves include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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