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Social Media Tips & Trends in 2015

What to Watch in the New Year

Prepare to Pay for Facebook
As Facebook continues its crusade to clean up your news feed, businesses will take the hit. In response to consumer frustration at an overload of ads and overly-promotional posts, Facebook looks set to bring in tighter measures to control the problem. While this can only be seen as positive for your average user, businesses will see a decline in exposure that may force them to opt for paid advertising to reach their market.

Mobile goes Massive
Mobile apps and websites already play a major role in social media and internet presence, but 2015 will see them start to truly take over. As more and more people feel the need to be connected 24/7, they drift away from laptops and home computers and towards their smart phones and tablets. With the rise of wearable tech this will only become more prevalent.

Death of Google+?
Google+ has been long considered a small player in the social media world, and the departure of Vic Gundotra (The man responsible for Google+) in April may have sealed the network’s fate. The few features that kept the site afloat, such as hangouts, are now being released as standalone apps, the authorship program failed, and it’s starting to look like no one is trying to save Google+ anymore.


Visuals and Video
Short attention spans and an overload of activity on news-feeds will have advertisers battling for exposure, and it seems the best way to get noticed amongst all the mess is with eye-catching visuals. Consumers are more likely to be drawn in by a flashy image with little text than by blocks of writing. If you’re promoting something that interests them they may well click through at that point to your main page where you can supply extra information. Video will also prove itself crucial for social media marketing over the next 12 months, as Facebook looks set to overtake YouTube on direct video uploads.

Real-Time Interaction

Customers like it when you listen, and love it when you respond. Quickly. Interaction plays a major role in customer confidence and service, especially in today’s digital age. Now that consumers can be connected to all their favourite brands via social media 24/7 and on the move, they are expecting businesses to do their part. Prompt responses to comments, questions and complaints have a big impact on how people perceive your company and its dedication to its customers. Tread careful, as although social media can allow you to deal with complaints quickly and effectively, it can also create more issues if your customers feel ignored.

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