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Social Media And The Blizzard Of 2015

Historic Blizzard Hits North East US


If you've been paying attention to any weather forecast I'm sure that you've heard about the blizzard that’s ravaged some parts of the US. It was warned that the historic snowstorm would drop over three feet of snow.

That’s just not even fair, I saw a bit of snowfall for the best part of 6 minutes a few weekends ago. My dog was able to chase around some snowflakes for a bit and I got a nice view but that’s all we seemed to get down in mild Cambridge. I want more snow. I’ll go back to Denmark unless we get some more snow, mark my words.

After severe weather warnings were put out and people were properly prepared, we decided to take some time to look at some of the best social media reactions to Blizzard 2015. Some are funny, some are beautiful and all of them are making me bitter that we haven’t had any snow yet.

C’mon, I want a snow day!

imgur.com - reddit.com/u/theHamburglersNugget

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