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New App: Facebook At Work

More Social Media In The Office?


I’m willing to place a bet that the last time you checked any of your social media accounts was within the last 10 minutes. We’re a nation obsessed with checking our accounts during the day. Recent figures suggest that we each spend up to an hour a day on our social media channels when we should be working. Sounds about right, doesn't it? I mean, no, of course not. I never check my Facebook during work! (They might be watching…)

However, here’s something that managers might be happy to see concerning killing time on social media. It’s Facebook’s new app: Facebook At Work.

We've spoken about it before and now it finally launched on Wednesday and can be downloaded from app stores. Unfortunately, only people who signed up for the pilot programme will be able to download it at the moment, but I’m sure after more rigorous testing it’ll get a complete release.
To keep it nice and simple, Facebook At Work is just like your normal Facebook. Except that you’ll have a Facebook organised by your work and only people working for that company will be listed and posting on your News Feed. The hope is that by giving employees a system that they already know and are familiar with companies will be able to achieve a high level of engagement with their staff.


Facebook released a statement about their new app:

‘Facebook at Work is a separate experience that gives employees the ability to connect and collaborate efficiently using Facebook tools - many that they're likely already using such as News Feed, Groups, messages and events. The information shared among employees is only accessible to people in the company. Internally at Facebook we've been using our product for years, and we're now looking forward to the feedback from our pilot partners to create the best possible experience.’

Naturally, Facebook taking steps into the professional business world is of quite a concern to LinkedIn. Whether or not this proves to be a threat to the professional social media network will remain to be seen. I think that LinkedIn’s interface is definitely not as polished and sharp as Facebook’s, so I hope that a proper challenge from the social media giant, LinkedIn will step up it’s game a little.

The app will be free to use and businesses won’t have to pay anything to use it yet. Facebook haven’t yet decided if they’ll fill it up with ads to monetise it or request subscriptions so time will tell how it goes.

Has your company netted a Facebook At Work app? Let me know! I’d love to see it in motion

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