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Microsoft HoloLens – The Next Gen Of Virtual Reality

As One Falls Another Shall Rise


With recent news of Google Glass discontinuing for the time being, I thought we were hitting a sort of plateau for wearable tech and virtual reality. A quiet realisation that we didn’t have the tech to give the everyday consumer that awesome stuff that Tony Stark has access too.

Just when I thought it was time for that, Microsoft hits back with their HoloLens. It looks impressive. Very impressive.

It was announced during Microsoft’s presentation about Windows 10. Since the reveal, it’s trumped just about everything else that Microsoft told its consumers was coming with the new OS. But why would we really care about a bit of an update when Microsoft are promising the next big thing in virtual reality.

Take a look at the video.

Not bad, right? The HoloLens looks like its taking steps forward in virtual reality and also looks to be pushing its augmented reality capabilities. But we’ll just have to wait and see how that goes, AR is still in very early days, it’s much less developed than VR.

All this looks too good to be true. Microsoft has often fallen short of promised features. Take a look at Kinect for Xbox. It definitely fell short of expectations leaving much to be desired.
But during the presentation, the HoloLens was taken for a live action demo as a Microsoft staff member build a holographic drone in mid-air in front of the crowd.

The HoloLens is its own standalone unit. It requires no computer or other software and can operate independently on its own. This is a huge step forwards in AR and VR, leaving competitors such as Oculus Rift in the dust.

It does still look a bit ridiculous, but as mentioned in my previous article, it’s early days. Try to remember the first mobile phones.

There’s not yet been any news concerning pricing, release dates or if it will go straight to developers first. But for now I can safely say that this is a step in the right direction for wearable tech.

But how well it holds up for actual use is yet to be determined. I hope that Microsoft aren’t just making big promises that their tech can’t keep. I think HoloLens has a long way to go before we see any form of retail products. 

If this article has left you drooling for more, have a play around with this 3D model made by Sketchfab.

We'll keep you posted when there's more to know about the HoloLens.

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