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Kim Dotcom’s 'Skype Killer’

Kim Dotcom Launches MegaChat


Last week, Kim Dotcom launched his voice and video chat service ‘MegaChat’ which was hailed as the ‘Skype Killer’ in the fallout of its launch.

One of the biggest features that MegaChat offers is it’s 2048bit encryption key, which means that it’ll be very difficult for anyone to get access to your chat logs and conversations.

So this is more digital encryption? David Cameron’s probably going out his mind. We all know how much he dislikes things when they’re encrypted.

I’m sure you all already know about Kim Dotcom and the Megaupload saga. If you don’t I’d have a search for it. It was a long fought court battle involving privacy and piracy and everything in-between. I don’t think Kim will ever truly see the end of it.

Following on from the shutdown of Megaupload, Kim released his new file sharing service ‘Mega.’
Kim has always promised that security of its users is always a top priority behind Mega. Hence the encryption behind the new chat feature. You can currently use Megachat directly through your browser and doesn't require any download or installation. Mega does offer some browser extensions to reduce loading times and strengthen security, however the extensions are only for Firefox and Chrome.

Ever the enemy of the National Security Agency (NSA), who aren't exactly the apple of America’s eye at the moment, Megachat promises that it’s encrypted to a degree that not even the NSA can access it. Not too shabby, but does it have a thumb print scanner? Those things are amazing.

This statement comes after news that Skype recently caved in and allowed the NSA to access accounts and spy on people's chat logs and calls to monitor for suspicious behaviour.

Mega has already fallen into the spotlight for not being secure as promised. But Kim Dotcom has assured users that those issues were only due to the service being in Beta. Mega now offers ‘Bounties’ for those who can find security flaws.

Kim claims that Megachat has gone viral with over a million invitations sent by users. I don’t think we’ll see the impact of Megachat for a while though. I also think it will take a bit more that offers of privacy to draw people away from Skype. Though he is promising mobile apps for MegaChat to come soon, which could be interesting. 

After all, we are creatures of habit in the digital age. 

Tom Welby

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