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Kensington Palace & Clarence House Go Social

The Social Monarchy

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge along with Prince Harry, have taken to Twitter and Instagram under the handle @KensingtonRoyal in an effort to build a better connection with the general public, as well as drawing attention to their charitable endeavours and organisations such as the Royal Foundation.


The account was launched on January 14th, with the first tweet simply stating:
“Hello from Kensington Palace! Welcome to our new Twitter account.”

Little after a week since the twitter account’s launch (at the time of writing), it has posted 83 times and has already amassed a following of over 133,000 people. That’s pretty quick growth all things considered. The Kensington Palace account is the latest in a recent wave of official accounts and pages connected to the monarchy. The queen hit headlines in October 2014 as she tweeted for the first time using the handle @BritishMonarchy, one of the two official royal accounts currently in use. The @BritishMonarchy page has a following of 924,000, while the other major official page, @ClarenceHouse, has accumulated a following of over 437,000 people.

While the other accounts display posts concerning the royal family as a whole and Charles and Camilla respectively, the new Kensington Palace account is focused on the latest news and updates from Prince William, Princess Katherine and Prince Harry. Harry’s involvement sparked some debate, as he has previously spoken publicly about his dislike for the site. He countered his previous arguments by commenting that while he doesn't like to use the site for his personal use, he does recognise it as a fantastic medium for spreading a message to large numbers in a relatively short time span. Prince Harry was also the first member of the royal family to make a personal appearance on the new page, seen standing on tip-toes alongside NBA global ambassador Dikembe Mutombo.


While Kensington Palace’s account is only just emerging, Clarence House already has an established presence on social media, but they seem to be in need of a helping hand. Prince Charles has started advertising for a new Digital Engagement Officer to manage the official account. The advert was posted on Gorkanajobs.co.uk, and calls out for an experienced journalist with a calm and diplomatic manner. The job description listed includes:
Daily maintenance and development of HRH The Prince of Wales's website; Ensuring that all digital communications support Clarence House's communications strategy; Communicating via the Clarence House social media channels on a daily basis and producing analytic reports as required.”
Applications close on February 7th.

So it seems that the monarchy really is making a push to keep up with the digital age, and in a world where transparency on the part of governing bodies is a growing concern among the populace, that can surely only be seen as positive.

For anyone interested in looking into the job mentioned, here is a link to the advert

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