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ISIS Calls For ‘City Wolves’ After Paris Attacks

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What an age to be alive. I can stay updated on my social media channels concerning everything I want to know. The convenience of news has reached new highs over the last few years

Unfortunately, with this turn it has also allowed terror groups such as ISIS access to their own social media accounts. Now I don’t think they deserve that very much.

Following on from the brutal, mindless and cowardly attackin Paris earlier this month, ISIS and Islamic State sympathisers have flooded social media urging their western followers to mirror the attacks and become ‘City’ or ‘Lone Wolves’ as so they've dubbed it.

Their ‘campaign’ stemmed from the English language Twitter account of Al-Bittar who though are not officially ISIS led media are very supportive of the terror groups actions and messages. This was confirmed by media outlets directly linked with ISIS. I find deeply worrying that we have outlets that are content to be linked to ISIS. But hey, crazy loves company.

The messages and tweets are focused directly on people in the west and are only being made in English. They call for western people to follow suit of the Kouachi brothers and Amedy Coulibaly who were responsible for the attacks in Paris. They are using the hashtag #FightForHim, which refers to the Prophet Muhammad who I’m sure they hope remains hidden under a veil until the end of time.  
The campaign refers to the Kouachi brothers and Coulibaly as ‘Lions of Islam’ and that all Muslims should learn from their actions.

Here are some of the tweets that have been circulating. I hope that before long they’re buried under a sea of news about Taylor Swift. Or any news really. I think I’d even prefer to hear about Farage’s pub escapades than this ISIS rubbish.

You are a #Muslim? Living in the west?! You’re the suitable person to be a #CityWolf ! #FightforHim

#FightforHim was a message to you, sent by #Kuachi brothers, #Coulibary, watered by their bloods!! Will you wake up now and work?!

#FightforHim In #CharlieHebdo blessed operation, 12 killed, and the coming will be bitter!

If you claim that you follow the Prophet -peace be upon him- SHOW US THAT! #FightforHim

#CharlieHebdo insulted the Prophet -peace be upon him, the Quran, the whole religion of #Islam..! #FightforHim

Thankfully, most accounts that have been trying to support and push this campaign have since been suspended. Thankfully, once tweets are being made to promote violence Twitter and Facebook are finally able to clamp down on them. I just wish that they could wave the heavy ban hammer and remove all ISIS propaganda from our social media channels.

Unfortunately, there message does seem to hold some sway. Just last week a young man from Ohio, US was arrested for planning a terrorist attack in which he aimed to kill a government official. Take a quick glance at James Fry talking about how simply it is to be radicalised here

I am happy to see Twitter taking a quick and firm stand against ISIS sympathizing tweets such as these. Even if such tweets don’t directly call for violence, the underlying message of hatred should never be tolerated.
It should also be noted to never judge a group as a whole for the actions of a few. If we followed that suit we'd be setting ourselves back a good 100 years. No one wants that. 

Either way, the attacks in Paris have only brought more focus to Charlie Hebdo and satirical magazines. Charlie Hebdo has printed over 7 million copies for its latest issue. Which, of course, features Muhammad on the cover.

Whether or not you agree with Charlie Hebdo or its content the response of violence is abhorrent, disgraceful and cowardly. 


Tom has just graduated from University of East London in Creative and Professional Writing. He loves writing and he currently manages, edits and writes for this blog. His other loves include Arnold Schwarzenegger films and his dog. Follow him @TomAtSMF

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