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How To Save Facebook Posts

Save It For Later


It’s an all-too-common dilemma, you’re scrolling through Facebook and happen upon something that definitely interests you, but you aren't minded to read straight away. You keep scrolling, making a mental note to check back later but when you do, you just can’t find it. 

Since Facebook doesn't have a content search function, that’s usually the end of the story, but it needn't be. As it turns out, there is a way of getting around it. You can actually save Facebook content, enabling you to go back and look at it later when time and place allow for it. 

The process is surprisingly simple: nowadays all Facebook posts come equipped with a little grey dropdown arrow in the top right corner. It’s easy to miss, but it contains a hidden goldmine of magical powers. Once clicked, it will display a dropdown menu. 


On normal posts such as status updates and photos, the options are limited to things like reporting posts, unfollowing users or hiding posts. With links, however, another option appears enabling you to ‘save’ the post. You’ll be able to find all the posts you've saved by going to the ‘saved’ section via a link in the top left nav bar, just below photos. Once you’re on the page, you’ll see that all the content is organised by type (links, videos, places etc). 

If you’re using Facebook mobile, the page can be found via the ‘more’ button on the bottom right of the screen. Each saved item will come with a small selection of options once you’re in. 
You can either share it (using the rather obvious ‘share’ button) or hit the ‘X’ in the top right corner, which sends it to the ‘Archive’ area, which in this case is just a fancy way of saying trash, since all you can do from here is unarchive it (thereby sending it back to where it was) or delete it permanently. 


This feature is particularly beneficial for events. It’s perfectly reasonable to want to stay up-to-date on a Facebook event (ticket sales, date changes, whatever else) without actually slamming that big old ‘attending’ button. You might not be sure if you want to go yet, and lets be real here, ‘maybe’ is just the online equivalent of playing coy. Saving an event however enables you to keep an eye on it without making any kind of commitment. 

It’s a useful feature that Facebook haven’t necessarily promoted as much as they could have.

Callum Davies

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