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Dan Bilzerian Faces Felony Charges

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Poker Legend and self-proclaimed King of Instagram Dan Bilzerian has come under scrutiny from critics and law enforcement officials alike for controversial posts on his Instagram account.

Bilzerian has received praise in the past for the management of his online presence, boasting a social media following of over 6 million strong. This has done wonders for his career, establishing him as a major player at the forefront of his field, and garnering him much more widespread fame and recognition than usually achieved by professional poker players.


His Instagram account is generally filled with images of guns, girls and gargantuan stacks of cash. This ‘Lad-ish’ behaviour has divided public opinion since his initial rise to fame, with many claiming he is simply ‘enjoying life’ or ‘having a laugh’, while others think he should be setting a better example, especially as his following is now so large and diverse. The debate received a fresh helping of fuel when the news of his arrest emerged online, causing many critics to assert that his antics had gone beyond ’Lad-ish’ into the territory of dangerous and criminal.

The posts in question show Bilzerian detonating a semi-truck in the Nevada desert, making use of 90lbs. of mixed explosives. The posts have led to two counts of possession of bomb-making materials being filed against Bilzerian by the state of Nevada, and he was subsequently arrested for the charges at Los Angeles International Airport. He is reported to have been in possession of all the chemicals required to create pure TNT, allegations which carry a maximum sentence of 6 years in prison and $5000 in fines.

It’s clear that Bilzerian is no stranger to this kind of controversy. In 2014 footage emerged showing Bilzerian launching a teenage porn star off a rooftop into a swimming pool below during a photo shoot for adult magazine 'Hustler', breaking her ankle. He's also been banned from a nightclub in Miami after accusations that he kicked a woman in the face. 


Although originally ordered to be held without bail he did manage to secure his release on bond until his court date. Bilzerian was set to appear in front of magistrates on January 9th, but the date was postponed to February 6th after lawyers requested more time to work out a plea.

Despite the growing list of charges and accusations, Bilzerian’s fan base has remained adamantly loyal, supporting his right to be a little irresponsible with the millions he has earned on the poker table.

The venture capitalist and poker star was back to posting less than a month later, but has scaled back his antics to exploding soda cans rather than heavy goods vehicles.

So, is Dan Bilzerian a Lad or a Lout? Sound off in the comments section below.

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