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Chris Pratt and Chris Evans Super Bowl Bet

Superheroes and the Super Bowl


Apart from both being named Chris, and both having starred in Marvel movies, and both being more shredded than a Julienne salad, Chris Evan and Chris Pratt now have one other thing in common: both their teams are going to the Super Bowl. Pratt is an outspoken Seattle Seahawks fanatic, having grown up in Washington State and he even turned up at their recent NFC championship game against the Green Bay Packers. Evans meanwhile is a Patriots supporter, which is more than a little fitting considering that he’s Captain America. He grew up in Boston and supported the team from a young age. “I grew up watching the Patriots with my old man.” He claimed in a past interview. “My dad had season tickets to the old Garden and I remember seeing Larry Bird. But in recent years, Tom Brady. Tom Brady can do no wrong. I absolutely love that guy.” 


After the results of the conference championship came though, and amidst certain other controversies, the two movie stars took to Twitter to declare their allegiance, resulting in big, serious wager. If the Seahawks win, Evans will visit the Seattle Children’s Hospital in full Captain America garb, flying the iconic Seahawks ‘12th Man’ flag. If the Pats win, Star-Lord will have to make an appearance at Christopher’s Haven, an initiative set up to provide housing and support for families with children receiving outpatient care for cancer, and he’ll be wearing a Tom Brady jersey. 

Celebrities rarely shy away from ridiculous sports bets, but they aren't normally quite so nobly-minded. Back in 2012, 50 Cent put $1 million on the New York Giants to win Super Bowl XLVI, as well as claiming that he would post a picture of his ‘G-Unit’ if they lost. Mercifully, they won. The previous year Birdman put a mil on the Green Bay Packers to take the title, then a few months later he upped the ante by putting $2 million on Miami Heat in the NBA final. They ended up losing, but rather than being dispirited, Birdman grabbed Lil’ Wayne and went out to get drunk with the Dallas Mavericks, since they actually won the game. 


The bet between Evans and Pratt is far less extravagant, and I would imagine that whoever wins the bet probably ends up making an appearance at the applicable location as well. It’s a classy move by both of them to use the Super Bowl to raise awareness for children’s charities and if you ask me, seeing a member of the Marvel pantheon begrudgingly adorning NFL attire is much more enticing than a tweet of 50 Cent’s junk.

We'll have the outcome of this wager reported for you as soon as it happens. 

Who would you rather get a visit from? 

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