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reCAPTCHA Gets More User Friendly

Google CAPTCHAs Up

Are you a robot? Answer no to continue reading this article, or 010110010100010101010011 to be regarded as a spammy robot and booted from the site immediately (that’s actually a really intelligent joke; I even Googled the binary). Alternatively, we could force you to attempt to read something that's incomprehensible to the vast majority of humans, just to confirm that you are one. By this, I mean we could ask you to fill in a CAPTCHA.

For years, that’s what websites have forced you to do. If you're not able to squint so hard you can convert hieroglyphics into English, get the hell out of our website. Thanks to Google, though, that’s about to change. Soon, they're going to transform their complicated CAPTCHAs into something much more easy on the eyes. It'll be nothing more than the following simple question: are you a robot?

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(Source: slate.com)

There are two alternative reactions to this question. Either you'll be relieved that you've seen the last of the infamous CAPTCHA, or you'll take a more analytical approach, and wonder how on Earth Google think this new solution is enough security to stop an army of angry robots invading your website and slowing everything down. The answer, like every complicated technical explanation, is perfectly simple.

Apparently, Google use more than just a correct or incorrect answer when establishing if you're a real human. Things like how long you take to input the code, how many clicks their software detects before you click confirm, and a whole host of other gobbledegook-y reasons are chucked into the algorithm. These now enable Google to detect if you're a bot through a simple click of a button.

In fact, Google estimate that 99.8 of all traditional CAPTCHAs can be broken through by modern software, making the act of copying down what they say an exercise in futility at the best of times.

Sometimes, Google's algorithm won’t be entirely certain that you're not a robot. If that happens, you'll be asked a few more questions in order to confirm that you're made of blood and heartbeats instead of the desire to spam and circuit boards. If you're worried that the questions might be a bit complicated, fear not! Questions will be along the lines of your favourite colour (bad luck if you’re colour blind) or to retype a three digit number. Nothing that will break the intellectual bank.

For any kids using newfangled mobile phones to surf the world wide web, they've already been rolling out on mobile Safari and Chrome. In the last week, 60% of Wordpress’ traffic and 80% of Humble Bundle’s have entered their websites through the new CAPTCHA. Snapchat are another early adopter, which is sure to push adoption rates through the roof because of Snapchat's unwavering popularity.

The new system is known as the “No CAPTCHA reCAPTCHA”, and should dramatically simplify the process of accessing a brand new website. While the big websites will appreciate this change, the smaller ones should reap the benefits even more. When your readership numbers aren't the highest, every click you get matters, and the knowledge that none are going to be turned away to the bigger guys because of an inconvenient CAPTCHA should guarantee a few more clicks.

Good work, Google. I'm sure the appreciation of Emile Cole (that's the name of the guy I am) makes it all worthwhile.

Emile is a postgrad from the University of Saint Mark and Saint John. He’s hoping to break into journalism or publishing, and won’t stop blogging until he’s managed it! Follow him @EmileAtSMF.

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