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Taco Bell Kills Its Social Media Presence

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The popular food chain Taco Bell has made an incredibly bold move in the hope that it grabs the attention of its social media fans. It wiped all trace of its social media existence, including 1.4 million Twitter followers, and all of its Facebook activity. This was to promote the chain’s new mobile app, where customers can now order food from their portable devices straight to their front doors.

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The Mexican fast-food giant, with the help of DigitasLBi, has just rolled out an iPhone and Android application that allows customers to create custom made orders, locate the nearest store, check out with a credit or debit card and save favourite items. The app also has a clever little function called “rotate to reorder,” which allows the user to retrieve previous dishes when a device is held in a horizontal position.

Once an order is processed, consumers can pay with a saved credit card, debit card, or gift card. The app also use location services to detect and check-in customers when they are near a store. This means that Taco Bell will know your every move.

This is not a new phenomenon, as big-name chains such as McDonald’s, Burger King and Dominos Pizza already offer mobile ordering. Taco Bell claims that it is the first to roll it out for both in-store orders and drive-through orders. Expect the above names to start catching up with Taco Bell as there is huge potential in merging the mobile world with the fast-food industry.

Taco Bell have recognised the potential and will be hopeful that such a huge risk will now pay off. They killed their Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook presence to promote the new application. The accounts now feature just a single post with the hashtag #onlyintheapp. This is to redirect the huge number of followers from social media, straight to the shiny new app.
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Source: plazadelapaz.com
With 1.4 million Twitter followers, Taco Bell has put all of its eggs in the app, but it appears to have locked the Twitter account, and for the duration of this marketing stunt, they have set up a new account that has gained around 2,000 followers thus far.

Facebook has not been subject to such dramatic change, as the 10 million Facebook “likes” still exist, but all previous posts have been extinguished by the company.

It is a bold move by Taco Bell, and some will question whether it has been thoroughly planned out. Social media presents an opportunity not only to market the products sold by a company, but it also serves as a customer service tool. Many companies now deal with complaints online, and the feedback received is usually through popular social media networks.

By being clever and innovative, have Taco Bell cut off a huge part of their business model? It would appear so, as social media has become such a huge tool for big business, and for it to be utilised correctly, it needs to be consistently active. By killing off its presence online, Taco Bell will now look to the game-changing app to save the day.

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