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BBC Use Whatsapp For Ebola Updates

The Best Way To Spread Ebola Info?

The BBC has decided to take a completely different approach to delivering news worldwide. A well-known broadcasting company, the BBC has television channels, an app, a website and many more outlets to deliver the breaking news to you. It will now also use Whatsapp, which was recently purchased by Facebook, to deliver news about the Ebola outbreak.
West Africa has been suffering from an Ebola outbreak, which has already claimed over 4,000 lives, the biggest outbreak of the disease in recorded history. Over 9,000 people have been affected and many countries are still fighting to keep the epidemic under control. It is a highly contagious disease and is spread through contact with bodily fluids including blood, saliva and even sweat. There is no cure to this day, although many vaccines and even blood transfusions have been tried. West African countries such as Nigeria, Guinea and Sierra Leone have been the most affected by this epidemic.

The BBC are fighting the propagation of Ebola the only way they know how: with information. The people who chose to subscribe to this service will receive three items of content everyday, ranging from breaking news to public health information. The content will be in English and French to reach the most amount of people. Not only will it deliver information through text messages, but also through videos and audio messages.
This could be a great step in curbing the spread of Ebola. The BBC could use Whatsapp to spread information on which steps to take if someone close to you is affected by Ebola, and could potentially send out lifesaving tips on how to best avoid contact with the virus. Furthermore, it will provide audio and video information for those that cannot necessarily read, reaching out to more and more people.

This venture could also be a good thing for Whatsapp. While the BBC are using Whatsapp for free, the popular messaging app could, in the future, make companies pay for using their services in that way. However, Whatsapp remains adamant that it will not use ads or change anything about the app in the near future.

To subscribe to the BBC's Whatsapp messaging service, send 'JOIN' via WhatsApp to +44 7702 348 651 You will need to save the number to your phone beforehand. 

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