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'Bomb Gaza' Game Causes Outrage On Social Media

Google Gets Slammed Over Insensitive Gaza Game

The Google Play store has removed an incendiary game called ‘Bomb Gaza’ after Twitter users slated the company for approving such an app. In light of the ongoing slaughter of over 2000 (mostly innocent) civilians, the insensitive ‘Bomb Gaza’ game was uploaded to the Google Play store on 29 July where it quickly knocked up over 1000 downloads, before being removed two days ago.

The Android game allowed users to drop fake bombs on Gaza - the aim of the game was to control aircraft and drop bombs on cartoon militants but avoid killing citizens on the ‘rage meter’. The description for the game said it was accompanied by ‘Israel’s theme music’.

Shockingly, although ‘Bomb Gaza’ has been removed, very similar games are still available to download such as Iron Dome and Rocket Pride, which allows gamesters to take control of a Hamas rocket.

Google has said it does not comment on specific apps but added that it removes apps that violate its policies. The company did not confirm which guidelines were broken but it is likely the app was in breach of the Hate Speech and Violence policies.

AddictingInfo.com claims that a reporter who emailed the Israeli game creator was met with a response of “F*** you”.

It’s shocking that such an insensitive and disrespectful game was allowed to be shared and downloaded on such a prominent platform as Google – another example of the double edged sword wielded by the uncensored and uncontrollable landscape of social media. 

Katie Rowley

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