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Robin Thicke Caught In The 'Thicke' Of It In Twitter Q&A

#AskThicke Twitter Q&A goes horribly wrong

Robin Thicke hasn't been the most popular of singers recently so what he could have done with is to lie low and maybe have a good PR agent to help him recover his somewhat tarnished reputation. However, this is the polar opposite of what happened for Robin Thicke as he found himself on the receiving end of a torrent of abuse all thanks to one hashtag: #askthicke.

#Askthicke was a Q&A event on Twitter all organised by the broadcaster, VH1. The hashtag soon caught the attention of fellow Twitter users who started to tweet in the questions for the controversial R&B singer and while the questions started off tame, they soon were overshadowed by multiple taunts, jokes and jibes aimed at the singer and his misogynistic ways.

The tweets were aimed at Thicke's misogynistic musical career of late and accusations of his lyrics apparently condoning rape and sexual violence. One tweet said '#askthicke when you're not busy objectifying women, making light of rape and justifying sexual violence, how do you like to relax?'

In amongst the whole tirade of sarcastic abuse, a couple of users pointed out how badly this particular PR stunt had gone with one in particular saying: 'whoever thought #askthicke would be a good idea is probably crying and praying for the ground to swallow them whole.' 

He got his controversial image from back in the summer last year with his and Pharrel's summer smash, 'Blurred Lines'. While some were singing it under their breath and showing off their moves, others were left more than unimpressed by the song, criticising it for its derogatory lyrics and misogynistic video featuring scantily clad women. It was even banned by some UK universities due to its explicit content and received a negative response from UK charity Rape Crisis for it's apparent trivialisation of sexual violence.

Thicke's newest single 'Get Her Back' has been met with equal amounts of negativity. It's not hard to figure out the motive and reason behind the singers latest flop with the split from his school sweetheart Paula earlier this year. The video for the whiny ballad features an upset (and half naked) Thicke crying to the camera while texts of 'I hate myself' and 'Why' running across the screen.

It certainly seems like he is desperate to 'Get Her Back', and maybe even get his 'good boy' reputation back too but maybe his 'team' should think more carefully next time!

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