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Snapchat a hit with forward-thinking brands

Brands are increasingly engaging with their audiences through social media mobile apps like Snapchat.

Calvin Klein is celebrating the 20th anniversary of its seminal unisex fragrance CK One with a global advertising campaign, including digital elementson Snapchat.

"After breaking boundaries 20 years ago as the original shared fragrance, CK One remains a best-selling fragrance globally," commented Steve Mormoris, senior vice president of American fragrances, Coty Prestige. "The new campaign captures the relevance of the brand for a new generation."

Major League Baseball teams like the New Orleans Saints are also using the medium to connect with fans in a novel and informal manner. MTV UK has been using Snapchat to promote their hit show Geordie Shore, and McDonalds recently joined the ranks of high profile brands and companies using Snapchat, enlisting basketball star Lebron James to help promote their new account.

Although Snapchat is designed to 'erase' images after a maximum of 10 seconds, brands can still use the tool as long as they understand that it is primarily a fun, immediate and creative way of social networking.

Brands can use the tool to tell their ‘Story’ which last for 24 hours, giving companies more scope to broadcast as marketers compared to the disappearing 10 second snapshot images.

Once again though, there will be dispute over whether brands coming to popular and personal apps will scare off users. It will certainly make the app seem more commercialised and invasive, and inevitably more brands equates to more advertising which could well be unwanted. One of the barriers to entry for brands on Snapchat is a discovery problem; there's no way to search for users, so someone has to have the specific username of the person they want to follow. There are further limitations by the fact that, other than knowing that people have viewed your snap, it is very hard for companies to qualify exactly how users are engaging and reacting to the image they see. Snapchat is still an emerging platform for big brands.

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