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The Importance Of Social Media During The World Cup

Brazil Ready To Get Social

The World Cup in Brazil is almost upon us, and broadcasters are making their final preparations to make sure that the global event will be covered across the world in the best possible quality, but in a marketing sense, this year’s tournament has been embraced by the social media world.

World Cup and Social Media
Source: ilovebrazilnews.com

As per usual, the traditional media sectors such as TV and radio will enjoy their predicted success during the event, but in a fast moving world, the real winner will be networking sites such as Twitter, YouTube and Facebook, who will see an influx of new users, and an increase in the activity of current users.

This kind of activity has already been seen before the World Cup has even started, with Adidas launching their biggest ever campaign to support its sponsorship of the tournament. The sporting giants opted to spend more on digital marketing than TV adverts. The World Cup in 2010 was a different story with just 20% of marketing spend on digital. Tom Ramsden, who is the global brand marketing director for Adidas football acknowledged this and stated, “it’s not about a need to do ‘the big TV ad’.” He also spoked optimistically about social media ahead of the World Cup: “This will undoubtedly be the most social World Cup ever and probably the most social event in history.”

The importance, and power of social media has been highlighted even before the start of the tournament, as Twitter have already reported that there have been more posts about the 2014 World Cup before a ball has been kicked than the entire 2010 World Cup. “The 2010 World Cup was the largest period of sustained activity for any event in Twitter’s history,” says Lewis Wiltshire, the head of Twitter’s global World Cup team. He then went on to add, “In early March we had already passed the total number of tweets generated around that tournament, so Brazil is huge.”

Adidas’ global TV campaign this year pushed people into engaging with social media, as they used Argentina star Lionel Messi with the tag line, ‘all in.’ The networking world is clearly where big brands are focusing their marketing strategies, and Ramsden added, “Social media allows us to tell more stories than a 30- or 60-second TV spot may typically afford.”

World Cup and Social Media
Source: soccerloco.com

There are even dedicated apps for sports now, with the emergence of SportsYapper, a service that allows fans to voice opinions on sporting events, in real time. The app has been very popular since its release, and it is promoted by the hit radio station TalkSport, who have also seen profits rise since the start of the World Cup hype. Their predicted revenues will be up 45% in the second quarter, and this is due to them being the commercial rights holder for the World Cup.

It can be seen that the traditional press is still seeing a great deal of success during the World Cup, but they are doing this by embracing social media. Adidas are using TV to direct people in the way of Twitter, whilst TalkSport are pushing people to a more dedicated version of networking.

This year’s World Cup will be a once in a lifetime for many. It’s not often that the greatest competition in world football heads to Brazil, but you can guarantee it will be a carnival atmosphere. Social Media will help those who can’t be there feel the excitement, and give fans in other countries a taste of what’s happening in Brazil. Thursday will see social media’s influence rise further, and this could be a glimpse of what the future holds.

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