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Suarez Biting Scandal Is Top On Twitter

Social media frenzy kicks off after bite scandal

Tuesday's Uruguayan 1-0 defeat against Italy, which in turn dashed Italy's World Cup hopes, should have been a much more celebrated one however it was one player's controversial actions that cast a gloomy cloud over their victory.
The end of the game was mired by Luis Saurez and to say he was hungry to win would have put it about right as he appeared to bite Italy's Georgio Chiellini during the last tense minutes of the game and sparked what has turned out to be another bout of scandal, outrage and controversy for the already troubled Liverpool player. Suarez's side did manage to score after the incident with a goal that would ultimately send Italy out of the World Cup but by that point the Suarez Scandal had already started.

A social media storm then took off with hastags, memes and even adverts poking fun at Suarez and getting in on the joke. Meme's of Suarez photoshopped onto the Jaws poster and pictures of Suarez as a vampire were jokingly spread across the web with hashtags such as #bansuarez and #bansuarezforlife trending across Twitter within minutes of the incident.

Snickers and Nando's were just some of the companies attempting to cash in on the trend and on the joke with Snickers releasing a poster of a chocolate bar with the caption 'more satisfying than Italian'. Nando's followed suit taking to Twitter with a picture inviting the controversial football star to have a bite of their chicken platter if he was still hungry.

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There was a case of the wrong Suarez also on Twitter amongst the chaos as one man was wrongly caught up in all the finger pointing and abuse slinging and that was Diego Suarez from Buenos Aires. Baring no relation to the player himself, he was forced, amongst the tirade of abuse coming through on his feed, to beg everyone to stop harassing him as they had all got the wrong man. Luis Suarez's real Twitter name is '@luis16suarez' but in a rush to ridicule him, they managed to tweet to Diego (@suarez) instead.

However, while this is a joke for the many thousands of footie followers, it is not such a laughing matter for FIFA who face the headache of a full investigation into the incident. If found guilty by FIFA, Suarez could face a maximum of a two year ban which would in turn end his World Cup career, and possibly a lot more besides. Suarez has some very lucrative deals with big sports companies including Adidas and if found guilty it could compromise those arrangements.

This isn't the first time the player has been surrounded by controversy with several previous biting offences, bans, and accusations of racism to his name. This latest incident has sparked a debate as to whether Suarez deserves to play at such a prestigious event again, or even to be allowed to play again. While many have called for Suarez to relieve the heaviest punishment available, some such as his team mates have defended him by playing down the incident.

(update - 26/06/2014 15:27)

FIFA have since this morning made a decision on the incident and the verdict is a £66,000 fine, a 9 match ban along with a four month ban from all football related activity. This means that he will have to sit out the rest of the World Cup and in turn will no doubt have a potentially devastating effect on both Uruguay and his Liverpool squad back at home. While Suarez has proven somewhat of a liability, he is also a very skilled player and his playing talents will surely be sorely missed on the pitch (although his temper won't be!)

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