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Social Media News - Facebook In App Launch Blunder

Facebook accidentally leaks Slingshot on the App Store

The social networking giant, Facebook was left red faced on Monday as the details for a new messaging app accidentally appeared on the Apple App Store after keeping their cards close to their chest over it's development.

Facebook social media blunders

The blunder was spotted on Monday morning and details an app called, Slingshot, Facebook's second attempt at launching a picture messaging app after its previous attempt, Poke, in 2012 was a disappointing flop. Poke was scrapped after it was accused of being too close to replicating it's main competitor in the picture messaging market, Snapchat.

After brushing off their previous failing app, their renewed attempt Slingshot is claiming to offer users a slightly different picture messaging experience and has added something that none of it's competitors seem to yet have- a more conversational and interactive experience- or so they say.

Source: The Verge

The leak on Apple's App store- which was soon taken down by Facebook- offered potential users a short glimpse at the prospected app which says in its description that the app "lets you quickly share moments- little and big- with your friends. Shoot a photo or video of what you're up to and sling it to a bunch of people."

Now from that description alone, it sounds uncannily like Snapchat, it's main competitor, but Facebook have a new trick up their sleeve and have approached this attempt with a USP: Users won't be able to see your 'shot' (picture) until they 'sling' (message) another image or video back. All sounds very violent with all this slinging and shooting backwards and forwards but if you look behind this USP you'll find a very clever motive: it is a cunning plan to drive rapid engagement with the app and puts themselves amongst the big guns in terms of their potential competing value.

Facebook social media blunders
Source: fansided.com

Facebook are no strangers to the messaging sector. The social media site already has its claws in the messaging world with their acquisition of various messaging apps such as WhatsApp and Instagram. Two apps that together have 1 billion users coming to them on a daily basis.

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