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Social Media Is Revolutionary For Businesses, But Be Careful

Companies can benefit from social media (but there are risks)

Social media has had a huge impact on the lives of millions of people across the world, and the word revolutionary is now appropriate when discussing the networking phenomenon. We can do things now that would have seemed unattainable in years gone by, such as tweet crimes to our local police station, and conduct in depth research on people and companies just by browsing their social media profiles and history. We can kickstart protests and gatherings, and any tweet or post we make, can be seen by millions of people within seconds.

social media risks
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The development has progressed at rocket speed, and this has changed our identities, as the majority of us used to only have one email address, but now, we are required to have several profiles, each displaying different qualities we have e.g. LinkedIn for employment attributes, and Facebook displaying social qualities.

These identities exist beyond our initial interest in pursuing them, and as we neglect the old profiles, to create newer versions of ourselves online, we forget that the older ones exist somewhere in the digital world, and millions of users still have access to these profiles.

Businesses have struggled to grasp social media because of problems like this, and many are unsure whether it represents a benefit or a burden. There are a great deal of companies that have enforced an outright ban on social media, viewing social media as a way for employees to waste hours on tasks they are not meant to be doing at work. This has never stopped employees using social media out of work hours, and it is here that many still don’t understand that what is said on social media can being an employer into disrepute.

The other side to this is that a lot of businesses have liberated employees where social media is concerned, and ended up in court for failing to control what is said. This can lead to more money being spent on solicitors, and in this instance social media can be seen as a risk too far to many companies.

social media risks
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It is tough then to make a decision on whether a company should allow employees to roam free on social media during work hours. Both permitting and denying access clearly presents a risk, and that is why all businesses in the year 2014 need a strategy specifically for dealing with social media.

It is helpful to integrate social media into the overall strategy of a business, so that both company interests and networking are complementing each other. Not only does this help your firm in terms of potential new customers, and broader ways to advertise, it also encourages employees to use social media in a way that helps the company thrive.

The reality is that social media is here to stay. It has been written off far too many times, and still it continues to dominate the online world. People are simply too reliant on social media these days, but this helps capitalists pounce on the vulnerabilities of the human being.

Alex is an English Literature and Sociology undergraduate whose love for written word has led him to write about some obscure topics in his time. Currently a content writer at Social Media Frontiers, be sure to follow him @AlexSatSMF.

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