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Small Businesses Should Take A Risk With Social Media

Social media is for all businesses

Big businesses have embraced social media, and some of the most successful marketing campaigns are a product of established firms taking risks on various social networking sites. Small businesses can also get in on the act though, and they can compete with the big guns for customer interest. All it takes is a good strategy, a little creativity, and in no time your company will be well equipped to take your products and services onto social media.

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Persist with an idea

Be consistent with your grand idea by knowing exactly how many times you are going to tweet or post during the day, and this ensures that you don’t overload or deny your customers of important information. Tweeting too much will force your customers to tune out from your ideas, but tweeting just enough will keep your audience engaged and interested in what will come next. Updating 4 or 5 times a day is appropriate, but make sure it is at the same time of the day/night to ensure consistency.

Customer service is key

As interest in your business increases, there will be questions, or concerns communicated by customers, for you to respond to. In order to maintain a good relationship, it is crucial to respond as quickly as possible. Many people opt to complain via social media these days, but you must be consistent and respond on the social media platform. This will increase your reputation, and help humanise your company. Good customer service is key, and this is especially true over the Internet where everything is displayed in front of the eyes of millions.

Consider all networks

Each different social media tool will appeal to different kinds of people, so utilising each platform is essential for the success of any online strategy. It is advisable to research which platforms link in with your business as investing time in networking sites that will give minimal success can be a waste of time. The essential social media sites are Google+, LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter, so remember to be heavily active on these as they will bring in the most customer interest.

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Researching your competitors can be of great benefit in the long run, as you can learn from their mistakes. Get an idea of the social media tools your direct competition is using and see whether they are seeing benefits from it. This can save a lot of time conducting trial and error research, and time is money in the world of high modernity. You may see ideas that you wish to advance or implement into your strategy, so taking note of the competition is imperative.

Track your process

Having a thoroughly thought out strategy will do no good if you are not tracking your progress on a regular basis. The area that are worth tracking consistently are the follower growth, page views, post likes or shares, and impressions. Tracking this progress will ensure that you are reaching set goals, and will hopefully show that what started off as a small company, is now a huge player due to the success of a social media strategy.

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