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Iraqi Massacre Images Shown On Social Media

Social Media Posts Threaten To Increase Violence

Tensions are rising in Iraq, and the claim of the Al-Qaeda that they killed 1,700 Iraqis has been spreading across social media. It poses a new set of problems for Iraq, and some other countries, as it is now feared that with the help of social media, there could be a possibility of civil war, and this was after tweets posted by the extremist militant force were accompanied by photos of mass shootings.

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Source: wallpaperswide.com
The pictures on a militant website appear to show masked figures of the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL), loading prisoners onto trucks before forcing them to lie face-down in a shallow ditch. The final images show the bodies of the captives soaked in blood after being executed.

Lt Gen. Qassim al-Moussawi who is the chief military spokesman confirmed that the photos were authentic, and he said he was aware of cases of mass murder of captured Iraqi soldiers. He told The Associated Press that an examination of the images by military experts took place, and they found that around 170 soldiers were shot to death by the militants.

US State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said the ISIL militants’ actions are “horrifying and a true depiction of the bloodthirsty that those terrorists represent.” She went on to add that 1,700 were said to have been killed, but that number could not be confirmed by the US.

Friday saw the UN human rights chief Navi Pillay warn against “murder of all kinds” and other war crimes in Iraq. She also acknowledged that the number of killed in the recent days was in the hundreds, and that her office had received a report that militants rounded up and killed Iraqi soldiers as well as 17 civilians in a single street in Mosul.

social media iraq
Source: mashable.com

The disturbing images could suck all of the morale from Iraq’s security forces, but they could also heighten sectarian tensions. Many of Shiites are already heeding a call from their most revered spiritual leader to take up arms against the militants, who have spread across the north in the worst threat of mass violence in the country since the US withdrawal in 2011.

The government did bolster its defence around Baghdad, but it does not seem to have changed much, as the threat rises every day. The photos posted on Twitter did not provide a date or location, but it was reported that the killings took place in Salahuddin province.

The tensions will now shoot through the roof, and it highlights once again the power that social media can have now. The militants were able to spread these disturbing images around the world within seconds, and the impact was higher due to the rapid nature in which it was able to be spread. It is another sign that any conflict in the future will also take place on social media, as this now stands as the alternative battleground for the new age.

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