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How Brands Can Use Social Media To Capture Younger Audiences

Boost your business by taking it online!

The arrival of social media has been a revelation for brands all over the world, and although it has only been used as an effective sales tool for a short period of time, it has locked in its place due to the success and diversity it brings. Although social media has been a positive thing for business, older brands that have often used traditional marketing ploys, have found it difficult to get their heads around the idea of using social media as the predominant marketing tool.

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Below are just some of the steps that can make delving into the world of social media easier for your business.

Develop a strategy

The last thing you want to do as a business looking to launch into social media is to rush into anything. Instead, it is more beneficial to strategise first, and look at things such as potential target audience, for example, if you have a predominantly female customer base currently, what would you need to do in order to create a wider, more diverse audience? It is crucial to iron out all these problems before launching an online marketing strategy, as it gives you an increased chance of succeeding in social media sales.

Once you have sussed your audience, think about how you will contact them and how often. This could mean prioritising certain products, as remember, overloading your customer’s Twitter feed or Facebook timeline can often lead to failure. Be clever when thinking about the frequency of posts and content topics, and tailor them to your online community.

Budget is also a concern when arriving online, as you don't want to spend too much. You will have to decide whether you need to hire an agency or use someone in-house to focus on managing all of the social media within the company.

Create content that has high share value

With so much competition online, it is easy to be overlooked by many users, and this is why the most important aspect of any social media strategy is the content you post. It must be interesting, informative and fun if you hope to gain more clicks and shares. More shares increases the chances of content going viral, therefore being exposed to wider audiences.

Users often try to share content that is more personal to them, so try and make your content less promotional, and interact with your followers personally to create individual bonds. This increases the chances of recommendations as the art of individual dialogue is dying in a new age of communication.

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Follow trends and stay relevant

Brands that choose to follow current affairs and trends often succeed in gaining more attention online. To stay relevant and intrigue your followers, your brand should research cultural topics, and how this impacts the genre of work you’re in. An easy way to do this is to keep up-to-date with the current trends on Twitter, and incorporate them into your tweets by using the hashtag. This means that anyone talking about your trending topic will be able to engage with your tweet.

Cater for mobile users

Mobile networking is on the rise, and most of the time, people are glued to their devices. As a company, you should be taking advantage of this phenomenon. In order to prosper in this field, your content must look great on devices such as smartphones and iPads.

These are just a few tips for businesses looking to tackle social media, and if a good strategy is devised, then it could change your company’s fortunes forever. This is the power of the online community these days, and if you are currently bypassing social media, then you are making a huge mistake.

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