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HootSuite Undergoes Rebranding To Tackle The Serious Side Of Social Media

HootSuite lead the way in contemporary rebranding

HootSuite have undergone a rebrand, with the popular owl figure being given a slightly more serious demeanour, perhaps to reflect the serious side of social media networking. HootSuite are trying to portray how far social media has developed, by giving their company a more matured look online, and this may be the way that other networking firms may head in the near future.

HootSuite Rebranding
Source: marketingland.com

Dee Anna McPherson who works in marketing stated that the rebrand was a move that represents the “flexibility, confidence and simplicity” of HootSuite in accordance to its expansion plans in the future. “Theres a magic to the HootSuite culture, and we want to hold on to that while becoming a sophisticated organisation,” she explained. She also went on to say that the rebranding of HootSuite has been in the works for the past six months.

HootSuite serves a very broad market, everything from individual power users to the largest Fortune 1000 companies. We started serving small and medium sized business to large enterprise organisations who are now more than 50 per cent of our revenue. So we felt we needed to refresh the brand to appeal to the needs of these broad users,” she said.

She commented on the brand as a whole and its image also: “The HootSuite brand has always, and will continue to, reflect the fun, lively and approachable culture of the company. However, use of social media is far more sophisticated today and our brand identity needs to represent the way the company, and the market, has matured.”

The logo that goes by the name of Owly, has been given a simplistic look in the rebrand, as formerly he was in pictures that contained colourful backgrounds, and he was also given suitable attire in accordance to the product he was attached to. Now, the brand new symbol is black and white, with additional changes to be added by the HootSuite website.

HootSuite Rebranding
Source: thenextweb.com

The decision comes six years after the previous changes made by HootSuite, and the current rebranding comes ahead of a major push into the European and Asian markets.

This change by HootSuite may spark an influx of rebranding strategies by many of the major networking sites. Most of them currently brand in a way that spreads intrigue and interest, with the use of bright colours, often blue. Many of these companies are established now, and the need for new attention is not there anymore, so rebranding as a more matured outfit could be the way to go.

If the big networking firms do this, then it is an act of confidence, and a notification that social media is here to stay forever. Could HootSuite be the ones to spark such a move?

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