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Facebook News Feed Update To Help Video Ads

New update to help with video campaigns

Well known for pictures of cats performing various extravagant activities, some Facebook users can't get enough of these viral videos whilst others despair at yet another dancing pet. Facebook is now finally recognising this divide and is planning to launch a new update on its News Feed to decipher once and for all who actually likes, and who adamantly dislikes, videos on their News Feed.

The social media site is launching a new algorithm for its News Feed to discover how many of its 1.3 billion active users are engaging with video content. The algorithm includes a new video ranking system which Facebook hopes will help them provide users with better and more suited videos.

The new format takes into account who is actually watching a video and for how long. In its blog, Facebook says 'people who tend to watch more videos in News Feed should expect to see more videos near the top of their News Feed'. They also add that 'people who tend to skip over videos without watching should expect to see fewer videos' - finally, relief for all those users being plagued with unwanted videos and images across their News Feed!

This launch comes as part of a new move by Facebook to understand its users and improve the service they receive; inline with plans to launch a new video and image based advertising campaign, this update will help the company to understand just who that audience would be.

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