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Weight Watchers Takes Advantage Of Social Media

‘Feel Good Café’ uses social media as currency

Weight Watchers has opened its first café in the UK yesterday (May 16th), where customers can use social media as a form of currency. The ‘Feel Good Café’ will open in London and will aim to be the first choice for people who want to eat natural food, with real flavour and value, in a weight management sector that is “swamped with negative connotations and daily contradictory advice on health and nutrition.”

Weight Watchers and social media
Source: weight watchers.co.uk

The Weight Watchers café, which was subject to debate last year, has been launched on the back of a research that claims 52% of women are unsure where to commence when contemplating weight loss and 8% feel confident and assured when making conscious healthy food choices.

The café will use Weight Watchers Foods to portray how consumers can manage their weight whilst eating the foods they enjoy. It is very much a psychological experiment by the company, who are looking to get people socialising whilst buying into their products.

The food presented at the café will be free of monetary charge, with the visitors required to use their own social media as currency

Zoe Griffiths, Head of Public Health for Weight Watchers UK, said: "We live in an obesogenic environment where we are surrounded by an abundance of food choices and messages.
"Weight Watchers is dedicated to offering a range of tools and support to help people manage this environment and lose and maintain weight in a healthy, sustainable way.
"The Weight Watchers Foods offering is one way we help Brits to achieve this – alongside other resources such as the Weight Watchers meetings, Weight Watchers Online and the Weight Watchers app.
"These are all underpinned by the ProPoints plan, which uses the latest science to provide simplicity in a world of food confusion, giving an accurate indication of the extent to which different food choices affect weight loss efforts and how satisfying individual foods will be."

Weight Watchers and social media
Source: grow socially.com

The café is a very good campaign for Weight Watchers as they are offering free food, and an environment where people seeking the same thing can engage with each other. This will encourage future consumption, and Weight Watchers will no doubt profit from this.

It is another example of contemporary social media being utilised by a massive company. Weight Watchers has an illustrious background, and a healthy fan base, but with the use of social media they are attempting to take another step forward in the weight loss world.

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