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Social Media Tips - Expand Your Organic Reach

Maximize without overusing social media

Many laughed off the idea of social media becoming a prominent ingredient in the day-to-day lives of many, but here we are living in a digital age, and there’s no going back. Social media has ensured that we now live in a world that enables us to connect with distant family members at the click of a button, whilst taking care of business related problems in a more comfortable environment. People spend an awful lot of time on social media and the ease in which business owners can reach millions of users makes it easy to understand why marketing has jumped into the opportunity pit that is social network.

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Social media marketing is now huge, and the principles behind it are very simple: you make your product(s) available in varied social media websites by creating a page or a profile for it. The point is to attract attention and gain traffic to spread awareness of your product, and once this has been done, more sales can be made in the long run. Attention can be measured by the number of likes and shares on Facebook, or the number of followers on TwitterSocial media marketing is now very popular for businesses as it is cost efficient, and if executed well, can increase the brand’s recognition and sales. Despite the simplicity of social media marketing, there are still a number of ways to ensure that it becomes a metaphorical car crash. To ensure that none of this happens, identify the fine line between maximization and overuse, as you must maximize your market, but do not overuse it or else the consequences could be dire.


There are many dangers with social media marketing, with the biggest one being that it does not have a clear strategy at times. The plan should not be born out of simply creating an online profile of your product. There needs to be a specific plan on how you plan to set up the profile, and what is going to be in it exactly. This includes what kind of information there will be on it, what image you are going to post, and how you are going to portray your brand to the world. Identify the product’s strengths and the potential audience that you plan to targetSocial media throws up all kinds of people, so you have to be specific about your target market, as you cannot expect everyone to be excited about your product. After identifying your target audience, strategise your content to ensure that they will be interested, and this means establishing photos to post, write-ups, and telling them what gimmicks will work for your product.

An immediate increase in shares and likes may not immediately translate into sales, but if you carefully target your market, it just might. You need to analyse your online activity by evaluating data on sales and try to find the translation from online marketing to actual sales. If the strategy isn’t working, then change it in accordance to what the issue is, and if you don’t, then your whole business will suffer.

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Don’t overuse social media

The success that social media can bring to a company is so remarkable, that it can easily be overused. Don’t forget that users react to your online presence as soon as they see it, and judge you upon your content. It is in this process that they will make it clear as to whether they want to invest or not. Do not overuse the luxury of social media by being too present in many networking sites, and also avoid pop-ups as most people find them absolutely infuriating. Make your product available online, but not too available that people just want to get rid of it. Control the number of sites you appear on sensibly, and people will be intrigued.

Social media marketing is very easy to get right, and when you do, it will produce positive results for the business; but if you get it wrong, there could be catastrophic consequences for the company. Follow the advice above to ensure that you keep a fine balance of usage across all social media platforms.

Alex is an English Literature and Sociology undergraduate whose love for written word has led him to write about some obscure topics in his time. Currently a content writer at Social Media Frontiers, be sure to follow him @AlexSatSMF.

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