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Twitter tells social media users when they’re happy, sad, and hungover

For some cynical social media users (like myself), scrolling through the Twitter feed can be an extremely irritating experience. An example of this is when the Sun pokes its unsociable glare out for one second, the Twitter community seems to be driven into a frenzy, and instead of embracing the weather, they will tell everyone about it. The more common popular phrases seem to be mood based though, and recently Twitter published data that looks at when users tweet certain words and phrases.

The phrases monitored were “feel happy,” “feel sad,” “hungover,” and “late to work.” The data was broken down by month and day of the week, and was recorded from Tweets made in English. Some of the results were all too predictable, for example, users tweeted “feeling sad” during the month of December the most, whilst “late for work” was tweeted during summer weekdays.

Other factors came into play also when measuring the impact of these tweets. Tuesdays in December were common for users to tweet that they were “feeling happy,” and Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve just happened to fall on a December Tuesday in 2013.

Below are all the results of Twitters research:

Source: mashable.com

Source: mashable.com

Source: mashable.com

Source: mashable.com

The results are hardly surprising, with November Thursdays and Fridays being particularly popular for being hungover. It is interesting data from Twitter, and it is enticing to see how this kind of information can be presented. No doubt companies will be using this strategy to try and figure out when people need a particular king of product. For now, just know that Twitter is watching.

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