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Social Media News: '300' Sequel Raises a Huge Army of Social Followers

With a reported 1.73 billion social media users worldwide in 2013, it is not surprising that almost every industry can be found in some way, shape or form online. From corporations to musicians to movie promoters, there is something for everyone. But just as social media can hype up a big event and predict winners in the Brit Awards, can it also tell us which movies are going to have box office success before the movies are even released? Variety magazine investigated with some new movies to see if this really was the case, looking with particular interest at the new '300' sequel.

Source: dailywhatnot.com

The movie, which was originally due to be released in August, surprised fans with a much earlier release date of March 7 2014. Many of the movie's fans have been eagerly awaiting the movie for close to 7 years, ever since the original movie was released.

All of this has led to a huge social media following, with original and new fans alike contributing to the social media hype surrounding the movie.

The trailer for the movie has amassed over 60 million views on YouTube, leading some to predict that it will eclipse other movies in box office ratings. The movie also has 11.4 million Facebook likes and over 50 thousand tweets, eclipsing other movies due to be released around the same time. But it is questionable whether social media is a good indicator of box office success.

Variety article author Tobias Bauckhage argues that some of the social media success the sequel is enjoying may be due to the pre-existing fan base for the original movie. For example, the Facebook page for '300' was taken over by the 'Rise of an Empire' page. Despite the high number of likes on the page, it is not a valid indicator of success, due to the fact that many of these likes were accrued for the first movie.

Either way, given the huge number of social interaction on other platforms, it's very likely that 'Rise' will enjoy high numbers in the box office. Whether it will be as successful as it appears to be on social media, only time will tell.

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