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How Traditional Companies Are Utilising Social media In Unexpected Ways


Social media is great for business, and many big brands have expanded their customer database over the past few years by branching out into the online world. These include already established brands such as Nike and RedBull, but even with an already huge following, they have benefited by using tools like Twitter and YouTube.

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RedBull has been brilliant at using social media to their advantage, and no one was surprised when they released the video Stratos Jump that generated more than four million views within a week. These zeros in, on a very specific target audience who will find this sort of thing interesting, and judging by the numbers that this video attracted, it was a fantastic bit of marketing by RedBull.

These brands spoken about are already established, so is there an opportunity for other, smaller businesses to thrive in the social media sphere? Yes there is, and in some instances it is the perfect setting to generate more customers, and broaden the horizons of the company.

Duracell for example recently released a ‘social experimentvideo, which encouraged commuters to join hands in order to power up a heated bus station in Montreal. The video captured Duracell taking over the bus stops and the reaction of strangers who were taking part, who were lucky enough to experience some warmth. The video was met with immediate popularity and was viewed more than 400,000 times in a week. This is another fine example of how left-wing advertising methods can unexpectedly produce great results.

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One of the most surprising companies that have recently used social media to their advantage is Maersk Line, who is a Danish container shipping giant. After many ‘container spotters’ started uploading images of the ships to the internet, Maersk Line quickly took advantage of this and started using the hashtag #maerskline and uploaded the photos to the official Facebook page of the company. This move helped the company grow to 400,000 fans in just 11 months, and after seeing this, the firm also added Instagram and Pinterest with the photos having a huge impact online, resulting in Maersk generating more than 25,000 followers on Instagram alone.

Consistency is key when entering the social media world, and General Electric is a good example of a company who are doing nothing out of the ordinary but rather perfecting the art of consistency. The company just simply follows trends, and the comment on regularly trending conversations, as well as participating in conversations such as 'Throwback Thursday' on Twitter.

It just shows that any company, no matter what service they provide can use social media in a way to both boost sales, and connect with a wider community. All of the examples are different, but all can produce results, but as General Electric have demonstrated, as long as a company is up to date and consistent then there is a good chance that more traffic will pass through the business.

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