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How Has The Social World Reacted To The Ugandan Gay Law

The Sochi Winter Olympics and gay rights

Homosexuality has been a particularly hot topic of late 2013 and 2014 so far. In particular, the recent development in Uganda, the Sochi Winter Olympics and gay rights within both America and the UK.The developments from the Ugandan government has led to International aid organisations and financial institutions reducing their support for Uganda in protest.

So what does the law involve?

- Life imprisonment for engaging in a same sex sexual act
- Life imprisonment if you marry someone of the same gender
- Life imprisonment if you touch another person of the same gender with sexual intent.

It doesn’t only directly affect the members of the LGBT community but those that seek to provide help.

- 7 years in jail for officiating a same sex marriage
- 7 years in jail for aiding or counselling LGBT people
- 5-7 years in jail for offering shelter or supplies to LGBT people
- 5-7 years in jail for directors of business/NGO that supports LGBT people.

With such radical changes for the country of Uganda the social world has naturally had it’s say.

The ‘All Out’ campaign is petitioning for Ugandan and world leaders to protect and act against the Law. With over 300K petition signatures so far (https://www.allout.org/en/actions/kill-the-bill) the campaign is using an infographic to spread social awareness of the changes that are affecting the Ugandan people. The strength of the petition form is becoming more popular as a tool of raising awareness and getting people to show their support for issues around the world. Ranging from deporting Justin Bieber from the US to lobbying for climate change. Whether international or national petitions they gather a social following and provide people with a place to voice their opinions.

Why do we see such campaigns and topics recurring online? LGBT rights will always be a strongly debated topic. When issues as strong as this appear then it is bound to make ripples. As a community the scale of the LGBT can truly rally and makes changes. This passionate group of people will actively try to further their message of rights.

The ability to spread messages at the push of a button is the magic of social media. Being able to tweet a link, communicate with others with a hashtag and comment on official practises gives users of social media the power to influence world decisions.

No matter how powerful or dismissive a corporation, if a message goes viral on social media, it grabs the attention of the world. A single tweet or Facebook post has the power to change movements and even save lives.

To summarize, outrage. The LGBT has taken immediate action. With social campaigns for change and appealing to the world leaders to act, they are sharing their intent using the power of social media. The fact that social has become the main voice and platform for appeals in human rights pays testament to the power of giving an individual a voice.

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