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Avoid Social Media Gaffes For The Sake Of Your Business

Gossiping can get folks into a lot of trouble, but gossiping on social media sites can be detrimental to both the employee and the business as a whole. Facebook and LinkedIn seem to be the problem sources when it comes to loud-mouthed employees, and these tips below could save your lawyers some work in the future.

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1. Create social networking guidelines and keep them regularly updated: Implementing social networking policies in the workplace are a must in today’s society in order to protect the business. If there is no policy in place then the company cannot identify specific terms that have been breached, therefore leaving the business in a lot of trouble when attempting to discipline the culprits. Also with social media evolving so fast, it is necessary to update the policies because an out of date policy is as useful as no policy at all.

2. Watch out for social networks as a Trojan horse for IT security problems: Employees who bring in their own devices could be an issue here. These devices will be packed with more social networking services due to the personal nature of the tablets/mobile phones. The potential for malicious attacks, Trojans and other malware is on the rise, and can end up being a very expensive problem for the company.

3. ‘Likes’ need to be considered: This can massively damage the reputation of the company as ‘Liking’ any content that includes online abuse, inappropriate statements, images or videos can carry the image as the endorsement of something that the company wishes to promote. It is particularly dangerous for the company when multiple employees are involved in promoting something detrimental to the company. Usually in this case liability will not arise, but the damage to the reputation could be permanently imprinted.

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4. Staff reputation online: The comments made online by the employees of a company can come back on the organisation. The firm can be held vicariously liable for the defamatory comments of employees. In today’s world, the working environment extends outside the office, so liability can arise for off-site remarks also.

5. Staff references to confidential material: Employment contracts, policies, and contractual obligations the company may owe to third parties. These could all be very sensitive if let slip on social media. Many examples of cases that relate to this have been in the public eye, and in the UD, a girl cost her parents $80,000 in a legal settlement because of a Facebook post that breached a confidentiality clause.

All of these above are worth the attention of anyone in business as it proves that silly little mistakes that are made online can transform a business for the worse. Unfortunately, a lot of people online see the freedom of being behind a keyboard as a tool to post comments that could impact on many more people than originally intended, but because of the non-direct contact, some consequences are not considered. If these five points are covered then the company should be safeguarded against most threats, but there is also a responsibility from each individual who enters the online world.

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