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Social Media News: New Twitter Design

Twitter users will start to notice a difference to their web accounts, following the latest web update this week. The design is said to mirror the iOS and Android apps and had already been tested on 1% of users who use the site. It is now is being rolled out across the rest of the sites 200 million users, although there is no specific timetable for the update.

Source: edition.cnn.com

The update, which according to Twitter is a "refreshed twitter.com reflecting the look & feel of our iOS & Android apps", has no new functionality added and is purely aesthetic. It includes a feature allowing users to add an accent colour to their page, and the recommended header photo has changed from 1252 x 626 pixels to 1500 x 500 pixels. There is a greater focus on photos and content cards, and the tweet stream is no longer in line with their usual look. This all appears to indicate a focus on photo sharing and makes the website look more like other social media platforms. 

There has been some criticism that the new design is very similar to that of Facebook, with some people complaining that Twitter has moved away too much from their original design. Others prefer the update, stating that it is user-friendly and much easier for beginners to understand and navigate. 

Twitter has also added an additional compose box in the left-hand column for tweets. This eliminates the need for a pop-up box (although this remains in the original place and can still be used). The compose box should encourage less active users to tweet more, and may have been added to stop the "40% of users" that are lurkers on the website. This new feature is more in line with their mobile app, and shows that Twitter is starting to care more about their mobile presence

Twitter declined to comment on the update.

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