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Where has the Facebook 'thumbs up' gone?

Facebook are constantly having small makeovers to their site but this one is a little more noticeable. The iconic thumbs up has gone from the 'like' option. So why do the social media company feel this is necessary and is it a sign of things to come?

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Following MySpace, Facebook boomed onto our computer screens back in 2004/2005 and is now a force to contend with in the social media world. Considering they may be at their peak, why the constant changes? Is it due to their being more competition? Is it a clever marketing strategy? Or are the owners just bored and want to go in a new direction?

Continuity has always been an important part of being a brand and there would be slight fears if Facebook decided to have a massive change all at once but moving with the times is not a bad idea. Blue and white were always associated with social media site; it is reliable and easy to recognise. Now you have many other sites, within social media, using the same colours - this can have a knock-on effect with how we view sites, their brand and the individuality of the product.

The thumbs up is possibly on par, if not more recognisable, than the Facebook 'f'. It is a mass produced symbol and not only is it used on Facebook itself, it actually appears on millions of other sites as a link.

Image: http://kentuckysportsradio.com

Luckily, Mark Zuckerburg and his marketing team are rather meticulous when it comes to any changes on the site and credit it to them. What you don't want is people disassociating your brand and as we all know, we like simple and reliable ideas and icons when it comes to marketing.

So this may well be the start of a bigger thing, the face of the company altering, but I am sure this is a well thought out move and could still be changed at any time. Although the thumbs up may seem like a little thing it is amazing how quickly and widely it was noticed.

You may have already noticed or you may go to look now; do note that it has not vanished completely. The 'like' button now only says like and it has been removed from there, under your comments and photos there will still be the symbol.

I suggest we all watch out for the tiny changes Facebook and other social media sites may be making in the near future. Technology changes all the time, as does the market, and the big contenders must keep up.

Faye Cannon

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