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Dating and Social Media - A healthy relationship?

As often discussed, social media is beginning to dominate many areas of our lives. Our work life, our hobbies, our social lives and this can also encompass our love lives. Is this having a positive impact? Or, is it again invading a part of our life that where we should avoid computer screens? Taking a further look, we discover the pitfalls of dating on social media.

Firstly, I would like to focus on the people already in relationships, that met - God forbid - in real life. A couple of years ago, an article in The Guardian reported that Facebook was the one of the top reasons for divorce in the US. And I really don't think it came as much surprise at the time. The impact of social networking was astonishing and it is not too far-fetched an idea that when people get in touch via such sites, sparks can begin to fly.

This is not always a bad thing, two single and willing participants that have been estranged or only met in passing, able to talk freely and start a relationship because of Facebook is great. I feel it is the already existing couples being aware of this that maybe rocks the boat there. Jealousy and resentment can often stem into relationship breakdowns, even if neither party has been unfaithful.

I don't think we can blame social media for our own insecurities but I feel ones online activity can have huge impact on existing relationships. When social networking first came out this was a big thing, I feel it has died down now but the more it has become the norm to chat to people online, the more people are dating online also.

Online dating sites and apps have diversified so much in the past few years with the progression of social media. And as we spend most of our time online, these companies are definitely exploiting a need.

There are dating sites that hone in on certain niches; over 40s, gay, straight, commitment, companionship... And now even 'uniform dating' and 'cougar' sites. But if it is available there must be a market for it. People are using these sites and it's becoming a much more socially acceptable way to meet people. The success rates are a little varied but it is arguably a natural progression considering how much we use technology to interact.

Sadly, there is also the fear that our love life antics may affect our online personas; that can be viewed by family, friends, colleagues and potential employers. It is all well and good when you meet someone new; posting the odd status 'seeing someone special...' and then if the relationship goes well, you can make all your single friends quesy with your couple profile pics and snaps of your romantic holiday. But what if it goes wrong? Is it maybe best to opt out of the 'relationship status' declaration and maybe keep that to ourselves?

It's true, we have all seen this go wrong. People's online relationship spats are pretty hard to watch and once its out there, theres no going back. So if you meet someone the old-fashioned way or find love online, maybe that's as far as social media should go into your relationships. Social media and technology is supposed to make our lives easier, but it seems to make this aspect of it more complicated - my advice is to keep them separate! Don't spend too much time online when in a relationship... even if that is where you met.

Do you agree that dating and social media should be kept separate?

Faye Cannon

Faye Cannon is Content Writer for Social Media Frontiers Ltd. Having an academic background in English and Creative Writing, she now blogs for SMF about the latest trends and social media topics.

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