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Why Your Personal LinkedIn Profile Is As Important As Your Business’

LinkedIn, the professional social media site, is the only platform that displays a link to a list of company employees on the company’s page. Other users, whether they are potential clients, customers or employees, can click through to view the profiles of each employee in turn, as long as their profile is public. You need to ensure that not only your business’  LinkedIn profile, but also your profile and all your business’ employees profiles are as complete as possible.

Your LinkedIn Profile

Your LinkedIn profile needs to be complete and informative, with a summary describing yourself and your role in the company. Include a quick description of your company, making it as interesting as possible: people might visit your profile before they visit your company’s, so you need to give them an incentive to move onto your company’s LinkedIn profile.

Because LinkedIn links company and employee pages, company’s are less likely to engage with solo users as they would on Twitter and Facebook. On LinkedIn, your company’s human side is shown in your own profile and the profiles of your employees. Take advantage of the fact that you can represent your company by being personal and engaging to people who communicate with you and your company on LinkedIn.

As well as keeping your profile up-to-date and informative, you should also be active on LinkedIn in general. The more you personally engage with people on the platform, whether networking in Groups or InMail, the more you will get your own name and the name of your company out there.

Your Employees’ Profiles

Users who are thinking of doing business with a company will not only check out its profile, but also the profiles of its employees. A business’ employees can be a great indicator of what sort of business it is. If your employee’s LinkedIn profiles are full and interesting, people will know that your company is full of hard-working and interesting people, making them more likely to want to work with or for you.

First of all, make sure that all your employees’ profiles are linked to the company’s LinkedIn profile in their experience sections. Secondly, make sure that there aren’t any ex-employees linked to your company’s profile.

You need to make sure that your employees’ LinkedIn profiles are complete if they are active on the site. Ask them to write about the work they do for your company in their summary sections and, if relevant, how they can use their experience to help potential clients. Clients will be impressed by how much your employees care about the work they do, while potential employees will want to work for a company that clearly treats its employees well.

Do you use your personal profile to promote your company on LinkedIn?

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