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Visualization techniques – How to stand out

Visualization techniques are an important way for brands to make themselves stand out in the face of high competition. Audiences find beautifully designed and laid out images appealing, this draws them in and can be a quick way for brands to transmit information which can be absorbed by an audience quickly if it is presented in a visual manner. Businesses find that they can gather more fans or followers by using a greater number of images and photos on social media sites, showing that they are an effective marketing tool for many companies.

Images are a powerful tool for engaging with your audience – they are a memorable, shareable, they can break many language barriers, and can transfer new information to an audience. This post will consider how visualization techniques can be used on Facebook, Google Plus and on blogs in order to make your company to stand out.


Facebook itself has made significant changes to benefit brands and users through redesigning the news feed to improve how visual content is displayed. This is an important step in making sure that Facebook is a more visual source of information and can therefore draw in a greater audience for the companies who use it. Statistics have shown that people are twice more likely to ‘like’ photos on Facebook, compared to text updates and that there is a 37% increase in engagement when Facebook includes photographs in their posts.

Image www.danzarella.com

Brands who are marketing through Facebook can follow a few tips to make their page more visually stimulating. The cover photo is an important use of visual space, and will be one of the first things a potential customer would see when accessing a brand’s page. Make sure your brand has a visually stimulating cover photo, which makes use of the large space that is available and change the image from time to time to keep fans engaged and aware of latest updates in the company. Take a look at our past article on optimising the images on your business' social media pages to find out how to make the most of your cover photo. If you would like to showcase a number of images then it is possible to make a collage of important images in order to draw in the attention of the audience and feature a few aspects or products that the company produces. Furthermore, adding text to the image can be an effective and quick way of demonstrating the message the brand is trying to demonstrate.

Cover photos are not the only option for demonstrating the potential for visual images to be used in social media marketing – specific albums can be created for different products, and images of customers enjoying using the product can be used to create a more engaging and interactive site.


Google+ is a social network that allows users and brands to share status updates, links, images and videos and can be a particularly useful social media network for marketing purposes. Google+ recognised the importance of visualization techniques and in May 2013 it changed the layout of its pages to be more similar to Pinterest - this has created a better visual presentation of images and videos. Google+ also offers a photo search filter, suggesting the importance of using images on their site and the value they can bring to a company advertising through the site. The layout of Google+ can be particularly useful for companies hoping to show promotional videos, for instance artists hoping to show their new music videos to a new audience.

As with Facebook, Google+ users should utilise the large cover photo space in order to visually advertise their brand as it can be used as an opportunity to draw the audience in when they first access the page, for instance this Rolling Stones advertisement for tickets on their cover image.


Visualization techniques are a great way of making your business’ blog stand out – interspersing eye-grabbing images and visually appealing content in your blog helps to break up the text and make it more readable.

Not only can the use of visual images draw the attention of the audience in the first place, but the images themselves can also help to add interesting information to the post. For instance, infographics are commonly used as a way to draw in the reader and demonstrate interesting pieces of information or facts in a visually appealing manner, helping to make them more memorable. It has been found that content containing compelling images attract 94% more total views than content without images. Why not make your blog more visual and attract a greater audience?

What do you think?

Is visualization a good way to market your brand? Do you think it helps make your social media page stand out?

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