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Social Media Promotions Of The Week: 07/06/2013

This week’s SMPW features a social-fueled car, a machine that charges likes, two Father’s Day promotions and a great example of bathroom/social advertising, enjoy!

1. Minddrive – The Social Fuel Tour

Yesterday, an electric car completed the 1,000+ mile journey between Kansas City and Washington D. C., with each watt of charge which fuelled the car corresponding to an instance of social interaction.

The car was driven by 17 high school students and 8 mentors from Minddrive, a non-profit organisation founded to educate at-risk teenagers. The students and mentors also built the car, restoring and converting a 1967 Karmann Ghia.

A Twitter follow was equivalent to 5 watts, while shares, retweets and mentions all equalled 3. A Facebook like gave the car 1 watt, while a signature on an online petition gave it 10. The car started off with 225,000 watts, but was recharged thanks to social buzz throughout the journey.

2. Pepsi – The Pepsi Like Machine

Pepsi has created the Pepsi Like Machine, a vending machine that accepts Facebook likes, not small change.

To get your hands on an ice cold can of Pepsi, all you have to do is like Pepsi on your smartphone and then select what variant you want. Don’t have a smartphone? No trouble, just enter your details into the touchscreen to Like Pepsi on Facebook.

The video above has over 60,000 views on YouTube.

3. HP SauceHP Father’s Day 

Photo: This Father’s Day 100 dads will feel like kings. Make sure yours is one of them. https://apps.facebook.com/hpfathersdayHP Sauce is creating 100 personalised bottles of HP Sauce for Father’s Day, giving anyone who likes the Facebook page a chance to win one.

Each bottle will have “Happy Father’s Day Dad” Written at the top of the bottle, with the name of the son and winner at the bottom.

It’s father’s day in just over a week, so if you want to be in with a chance of winning one of the 100 bottles on offer, enter now.

To be in with a chance of winning a bottle, go to the special Facebook app that HP has created and like the page.

4. Oral-B – Power Of Dad 

Oral-B has created a video comprised of touching father-son moments on YouTube. The video, which is part of Oral-B’s larger Father’s Day campaign, already has almost half a million hits.

In conjunction with the video, the dental hygiene company will also be promoting the hashtag #powerofdad over the Father’s Day weekend.

5. CMT Awards#CMTawards

In order to create buzz during Wednesday’s CMT Awards in Nashville, Tennessee, the event organisers put up posters encouraging the 11,000 attendees to tweet about the show using the hashtag #CMTawards.

There's 11,000 people in the building tonight and they have the best view of everything, so we want to mobilize them to create content," CMT’s director of social marketing Chris Nelson told Mashable.

Which is your favourite SMPW this week?

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